We combine the talents and expertise of senior-most marketing, branding, advertising and public relations professionals to provide an integrated and flexible suite of services.

Assignments with broad objectives and scope may require the full team at the table. Specific projects, such as an image ad or a media event, may not. We calibrate our services and team structure to your exact goals.

We are also flexible in how we structure our relationships. Whether on a retainer, contract or project basis, we work collaboratively with your team, in-house agency and other partners. At the end of the day, our services have to be additive and deliver results for you. That’s what counts. That’s Articus.  


To us, a well-informed, razor-sharp point of view and strategy are essential to connecting the dots between your current situation and your goals. That’s why we love data. Our expertise lies in unearthing it, and in translating it into the most efficient and effective positioning, imaging, messaging, and out-reach possible.

You know your own business better than anyone. We know marketing, branding and advertising better than most. Yet when we combine that collective knowledge, there are often questions about markets, competition, customers or stakeholders that can’t be readily quantified or qualified. So we conduct the necessary research and dig into the data to discover the answers.

Planning is the art and science of translating data and strategy into a roadmap and schedule that is immediately actionable. Actionable and clear for you as well as our creative, media and public relations teams.

Communication Management
For complex internal communication programs, such as organizational change, M&A, and technology initiatives, we can go a step further by augmenting your resources to manage the communication process and flow. Our experienced team keeps all stakeholders aligned, and provides branding, creative, and content support as needed.

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Your company’s brand is visible in so many mediums that without a strong foundation and skilled stewardship, others will try to shape it for you. 

A strong brand is your first defense—or offense—in the current media landscape. When asked to name, create, revitalize or inherit a brand, our mandate is to consistently express its persona, story and vision across all media—from video and print, to web, digital, and social.

Positioning, Naming and Identity

Collateral and Support

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We launch brand ‘stories’ into public consciousness through a combination of advertising and PR/media relations. Creativity pays dividends, especially the kind that’s driven by curiosity and appreciation for the new opportunities and benefits offered by the media revolution. The ART in ARTICUS lies in motivating audiences to take action.    

AdvertisingPrint, Out-of-Home, TV/Radio, Digital

  • Creative development, production, campaign management
  • Media planning, negotiation, buying, traffic
  • Measurement, tracking, and reporting 

Media Relations

  • Targeted media exposure and tracking
  • “Social” relations
  • Internal relations

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Your clients, prospects, potential new employees and investors get their first impressions from your web and social sites. They are your company’s new front door, and what lies behind them has to consistently represent your brand, its proposition and attributes. We target your audiences with pinpoint accuracy. We customize content for them. We track and analyze their behavior. And we make sure that they find you – irresistibly.

Web design, programming, content

Digital campaigns

Social media campaigns

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